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How to Model Jesus Making Disciples

How to Model Jesus’ Kingdom-Expanding Method of Making Disciples

Imagine this: one Christian reaches one person for Jesus over the course of six months, and then that cycle continues with each believer reaching another person for Christ every six months — in about 35 years we could reach the entire population of the earth with the gospel! But this is only possible if the church pivots from an “addition” method of evangelism and instead models Jesus’ method of spiritual multiplication.

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Jesus’ Guide to Greatness: 5 Stops Along the Road for Ultimate Impact

Jesus has revealed God’s road to greatness in the Scriptures, but it’s counter to our culture, and certainly counter to our instincts. It requires intention, planning, humility, and faith. He teaches that anyone who wants to achieve greatness can do so, as long as they follow HIS ROAD — the one less traveled.

What Happens When We Train Pastors Globally

At Living on the Edge, we see the need and we’ve had the privilege of bringing resources and training to pastors all over the world. The scope of our task is not simply local or generational; it’s global. Here are just a couple of the ways we’ve strategized to equip and encourage pastors.

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3 Exciting Ways Living on the Edge Is Reaching The Next Generation

One of my greatest concerns in life is the spiritual lives of my children and grandchildren. It’s no secret that our world is becoming increasingly anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-gender, and anti-Christian. It’s one thing to educate and prepare myself for hard discussions or outright ridicule, but it’s another thing entirely when I think about our kids growing up in this climate. How can we respond?

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