Why Should I Get Married?

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The True Meaning of Marriage


Do you ever wonder why we should get married? After all, isn’t it just a piece of paper?

Most of the world views marriage as only a contract. It says that marriage is when two people enter into a contract and stay together as long as it’s working. Sound familiar? Our world also says it’s OK, and even beneficial, if we first “test drive” the contract. Statistics show that forty percent of couples live together before they get married. This may sound wise, but statistics also show that living together before marriage actually increases the percentage of those who divorce and it increases the level of problems inside the marriage.

The Bible says that marriage is not a contract. It’s actually a holy covenant created by God.

To illustrate this concept, imagine a triangle. At the top point of that triangle is God and at the bottom, you and your mate. Since God designed the covenant of marriage, wouldn’t it make sense that He would be involved in our marriages? And wouldn’t it make sense that He would have the most important place within the marriage relationships? In fact, God always intended for us to enter into marriage with Him as the head of our marriages. He wants us to rely on Him to strengthen our covenant that we make with our spouse. He designed it so that when we enter into a holy covenant with Him and our spouse we form a bond that’s inseparable, one that will hold us together through the ups and downs and difficulties of life.

So here’s the game-changer. If you’ve never explored or evaluated the meaning of marriage, or if you don’t know what a holy covenant means, you owe it to yourself and that person that you love to check it out. Two studies by Chip Ingram that you might find helpful include “Marriage that Works” and “Experiencing God’s Dream for Your Marriage.”

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