What Should Our Group Do About Childcare?

By Staff Writers

What to Do About Childcare?

One way to increase your group’s commitment is for everyone to get involved with each other’s families as much as possible. For many groups, this means attending to the ongoing issue of childcare.

As a general rule, it’s up to your whole group to figure it out.  But as the leader, you can start by having an honest discussion and agreement in your group about how your group will handle it.

There are several options to consider. Some groups like to include the children in the group. This is like having extended family over and can add a wonderful intergenerational dimension to your group. Other groups include their kids, but provide a separate age appropriate teaching and curriculum for them. Keep in mind that although it might not be practical to include the kids in your group meetings, you still could include them in fellowship activities like barbeques and community service projects.

What seems to be the most popular and simplest approach for a lot of groups today is for each individual family to take care of their own personal childcare needs. But sometimes group members might even hire a babysitter to keep all of their kids together at one house.

The bottom line is this: if the group is meeting a real need in each of the lives of its members and they are finding value in the group, group members will find a way to solve the child care issue.  It’s not easy, but if the group is important to them and it’s really meeting their needs, they will find a way to work with it.


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