Session 8: Get On Board the Love Train

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Helping Members Make Changes that Stick

The final session looks beyond a simplified life in the short term to identify what is required to sustain these changes over time. Help your members make the leap with everyday practices that grow mature followers of Jesus.

If you crave simplicity and yearn for peace, this group study is for you. Through biblical teaching and practical insights, Chip Ingram goes beyond so-called quick fixes. This video curriculum speaks to men and women who know what they need to do, want desperately to do it, but find it next to impossible to break free of the “too many good and important things” that flood their lives.

The thesis is shockingly simple: Spiritual simplicity can only occur when we do less and love more. The time-tested Biblical principles explored in this study fly in the face of long checklists designed to decrease stress and increase productivity. Instead, it will help you experience a shift from complex to simple, from hurried to peaceful, from ‘never enough time’ to ‘time enough for those you love.’ Lasting change is within your reach! Take the steps today to learn how to run the race of life at a different, more meaningful speed by focusing on what matters most: LOVE.

This series includes the following messages:

  •  All You Need is Love
  •  What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  •  Love is the Answer
  •  Love me Tender
  •  Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
  •  In the Name of Love
  •  What the World Needs Now
  •  Love Train

Listen online or download message one from Spiritual Simplicity: All You Need is Love.

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