The Prodigal and the Perfectionist

Why We All Need Grace

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How often has something seemed confusing until you saw a picture of it and then you thought, “Oh, now I get it!”?  Grace is like that – confusing, until we get a picture of what it is.  Scripture tells us that God’s grace is available to all who will receive it.  But how can we receive it, if we don’t really know what it is, or even why we need it?  In this series, Chip explains the meaning of grace that Jesus so clearly revealed, in the parable of Luke 15.  Jesus’ intention was to help people, then and now, understand God’s generous heart and why He is so ready to pour out His abundance grace on all who will receive it.

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This three part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • Understanding Grace

Grace is rather vague, nebulous word. In this message, Chip explains that Jesus gave us a vivid picture of grace that’s make it all come clear.  The amazing thing is that when the religious leaders of His day learned what He had to say about God’s grace, they were so angry, they wanted Him dead.  “Them’s fightin’ words!” – so to speak.  Join Chip to find out what it was Jesus said that had them so upset.

  • Receiving Grace

Parables are simple stories to explain complex ideas – that’s why Jesus told them.  He knows that we need simple stories to understand the complexities of things like God’s grace. One of Jesus’ best known parables is about the Prodigal Son.  In this message, Chip explains the love of the Father and the amazing lengths God will go to celebrate every single person who comes home to Him.

  • Refusing Grace

Sometimes the hardest people to find are those who don’t even know they’re lost.  That’s an intriguing statement – and begs an uncomfortable question.  Join Chip as he challenges you to ponder that thought for yourself. It’ll be a powerful time together.


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SKU: DA34119-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3