The ART of Survival

in an Age of Chaos

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In this series, Chip explains there’s an ART to Survival – skills, honed by practice, that lead to joyful endurance, no matter what. A – is the ATTITUDE that helps us navigate adversity. R – is the RESOURCE God offers in adversity. And T – is the THEOLOGY that guides our perspective in adversity. When challenging times and difficult circumstances threaten to bring us down, God provides the hope and the tools we need to rise above. Life isn’t easy, He never said it would be. In fact, Jesus told us to expect trouble. How we handle the trouble and guard our attitude is an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in the sufficiency and sovereignty of Christ. There’s an ART to survival. Chip shows us, from James, Chapter 1, how it’s done.

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This three part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • An Attitude to Embrace

Looking back to the way others have risen above their circumstances is often a good way to get perspective and inspiration. Their choices to honor God and love like Jesus did, spark our motivation to do the same – regardless of our circumstances. In this message, Chip shares five observations that’ll forever change your attitude toward adversity.

  • A Resource to Ask For

Difficult circumstances are nothing new. Believers have faced tough times through the centuries. In this message, Chip gives us a perspective on fearful times that provide more than just guidance. He’s going to tell us about a resource God offers that makes all the difference in how we face adversity!

  • A Theology to Believe

Do you believe God is good? Do you believe He has a plan for you, that’s the best plan – out of all the possible scenarios? Perspective is the key to overcoming any circumstance that threatens to bring us down.  how do we get perspective? In this message, Chip reminds us that God is good and His plans is the best – based on the promise of scripture.


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SKU: DA33979-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3