Precious in His Sight

The Transforming Power of Seeing Yourself through Jesus' Eyes

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Do You Know How Precious You Are?

A difficult childhood and a painful betrayal convinced Theresa Ingram that she was unlovable and unworthy.  But God pursued her and by applying the truths of God’s Word to her life, she began to see herself as the precious daughter of the King!

He can transform your thinking too!

Find out powerful and practical ways to take all your negative thinking captive in Christ.  God wants you to believe that you are wanted and wonderfully made, designed for a purpose, and precious in His sight.


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Whether because of past sins or lies about their identity, multitudes of people don’t really like themselves, feel inadequate, and see themselves as unworthy to be used by God. But there is hope! If you’ve grown accustomed to believing the Enemy’s lies about you, you are not alone. But God is a master of transformation.

“If He can use a girl from a ‘nowhere’ place who has ‘nothing’ good to give and feels like a ‘nobody,’ He can use you. He says He can, I believe He can, and my life proves that He can.” —Theresa Ingram

Imagine seeing yourself as God sees you and enjoying a life of purpose, just as God intends. Do you have any idea just how precious you are to Him? My purpose in writing this book called Precious in His Sight is to help you experience the transforming power of seeing yourself—perhaps for the first time—through Jesus’ eyes.

In Isaiah 43, God promised to redeem His people and be with them through every trial they might ever face. He would go through floods and fire for them. He would regather them when they were scattered. He would make enormous sacrifices for them. Why? Because He called them by His own name and created them for His glory.

God does not give up on those He has called to bear His name! In that passage, He not only told His people how much they meant to Him but also promised a Savior would come to redeem them and restore them back to relationship with Him.

When I read this as a young, single mother, I knew God was speaking to more than Israel. He was speaking to me. He was opening my eyes to His truths:

  • God is my Creator. He made me Himself; He formed my body just as He wanted it to be.
  • He knows my name.
  • He redeemed me.
  • He is my Protector and Provider.
  • He sees me as precious to Him.
  • He honors me and loves me.
  • He will watch over my children and bring them to safety.
  • He created me to bring glory to Him.
  • He is always with me.
  • He tells me ‘I belong to Him. I am His!’

These truths have become a foundation for my life. As I rest in God’s promises and His unfailing love for me, I can walk through life with confidence, peace, and hope—regardless of any circumstances—He has me in His hands and will never let me go.

He can transform your thinking too.

Theresa’s transformative book, Precious in His Sight, is soaked in Scripture and filled with practical ways to recapture your thought life. Experience the transforming power of seeing yourself—perhaps for the first time—through Jesus’ eyes.

Theresa Ingram has a passion to help women see themselves as Christ see them.  Theresa has taught and mentored women for more than thirty years in the local church.  She and her husband, Chip, have four grown children and 12 grandchildren and live in California.


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