Jesus Unfiltered – Follow Vol. 2


If we think about it very hard, we admit that there’s not much in this life we actually control. In this series, from John chapters 6 – 10, Chip Ingram explains that to follow someone or something means we willingly let someone else lead. When Jesus asks people to follow Him, He means He will take on the responsibility to provide, lead, protect, and love – and as followers, we agree to believe, trust, and obey – even when it’ll take everything we’ve got, to do that. Chip details the journey from forgiveness to freedom, as he fills in the blanks of what it means to follow Jesus.

This is the DIGITAL transcript


This is the transcript of the five part audio series that includes the following message titles:
• Jesus, Miracles, and You
• Jesus Offers Satisfaction
• No More Shame
• What’s it Mean to Follow Jesus?
• Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd


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