Hope of Nations

Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post Christian World

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In the midst of these trying and challenging times, is there hope for America?  In this new series, our guest teacher John Dickerson pairs his understanding of God’s Word with his skills as a reporter, to paint a picture of America’s potential spiritual future.  Don’t miss what we can learn from our past, and how we can protect our Christian values.

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John Dickerson is a prize-winning research journalist, a seminary-trained pastor, and a frequent commentator in national news outlets such as USA Today.  Dickerson is the author of The Great Evangelical Recession and serves as the lead pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church in the Indianapolis metro area.

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • What is Happening?

Is there hope for America? How did we get here? Right and wrong are interchangeable, while truth is considered relative. In this message, our guest teacher John Dickerson, identifies the prominent forces that are constantly reshaping our world. Hear what dangerous ideologies vie for our attention.

  • When Society Shakes

Many of the blessings we experience today were established by prominent historical figures with one common conviction.  In this message, guest teacher John Dickerson reveals what core belief drove these men and woman to success.  And how today’s society is attempting to destroy this proven foundation.

  • Where Will This Lead?

In these troubling times, many believers are overwhelmed by the ridicule and harassment they receive as followers of Christ.  In this message, John Dickerson explains how we can find lasting hope, and reminds us of our calling to save the lost.

  • How to Live for Christ Now

Do you feel discouraged by the relentless discord everywhere?  In this message our guest teacher John Dickerson gives 9 specific ways believers can find peace, walk faithfully with God and make a difference in a world that’s spinning out of control.


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SKU: DA1932-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3