Generation Next

Preparing Ourselves And Our Children For The Millennium Ahead Daniel 1-6


What does it mean to be a Christian today? Is it possible to live a Christ-centered life in a postmodern world? It is. Come with us to ancient Babylon, where the Jewish exile Daniel, as teenager, professional, and senior citizen, models Christ-like living in a pagan culture. Through Daniel’s tests, victories and sacrifices, we see how to adapt without compromise, and how to be strong yet winsome in the face of opposition. Join Chip for this series out of the book of Daniel, and learn how to prepare yourself and your children for the millennium ahead.

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This six part audio series includes the following message titles:
• Understanding the Times
• How To Face the Future with Confidence
• When Courage Costs
• 20/20 Vision for the 21st Century
• Warnings on the Wall
• How to Succeed Where Others Fail


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SKU: DA21884-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3