Discover Your True Self

Discover Your True Self products help you silence the lies of your past and actually experience who God says you are. Beautiful. Chosen. Ambassadors.

Even believers tend to look at ourselves with warped mirrors, believing lies that can lead to a lifetime of shame, guilt, fear, insecurity, and spiritual stagnation if left unchecked. The lies of our past are capable of keeping us stuck, fighting time and again with the same issues and habits for years. But, that’s not how God sees us at all.

Are you struggling to understand your position, the freedom, and the power you possess as a child of the Most-High God? Your Heavenly Father can move you beyond the uncertainty we all experience to living an amazing life of peace and assurance. He equips you to serve others with humility and patience and empowers you to forgive and share with lavish generosity. People will be curious as to what your story is and with the help of this series, you’ll be able to answer with unbridled confidence.

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