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The Great Rescue

Hope For A World In Need of A Savior

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A successful rescue brings everyone involved great joy and maybe even new life! Of all the rescue plans ever pulled off, God’s great rescue is the greatest of all, because in human terms, it was absolutely impossible.  Not like really steep odds, His rescue provided perfectly divine intervention when there were no odds at all. Join Chip as he lays our God’s Great Rescue – His amazing plan, the most unlikely people, and a most unlikely Savior.  This Christmas series will bring you great hope and encouragement.

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This three part audio series includes the following message titles:

• The Amazing Plan

Every great rescue has a few things in common.  In this message, Chip lays out five key elements of a great rescue and how God’s rescue plan for you has those same elements!

• The Unlikely People

What kind of people come to mind when you imagine the perfect special ops team?  Smart, strong, eager…? This message reveals God’s special ops team on the most important rescue mission in human history! Don’t miss it.

• Follow After Jesus

Think about a baby… what it can do and what it can’t do.  Now think of the mighty God of all creation – why on earth would He choose for His Savior of the world to come into the world as a baby? As we get ready to celebrate Christmas – the advent of Jesus’ birth – join Chip for the surprising, encouraging answer!


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SKU: A933450-00 Categories: , , , Product Format: CD Series

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