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Keeping Love Alive, Volume 1

Four Biblical Practices Great Marriages Have in Common

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How do you keep love alive when you see your marriage starting to teeter, or crumble, and everything in you wants to give up and get out? In this series, Chip provides four biblical practices that all great marriages have in common. For each one, he provides key principles, then practical implications, and finally, super practical tools to make those practices a reality in everyday life. This is a no-holds-barred, candid look at the way marriage really works and how to make your better. If you’ll invest the time, what you’ll find in the end, are love, hope, joy, and peace – for you, and the one you love.

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Keeping Love Alive CD series includes a four part teaching with the following messages:

  • Serving – How to Deepen Your Love

Did you know there’s a single word that sums up the whole of a happy marriage? It’s the key to everything you’ve ever wanted in a secure, satisfying marriage relationship. In this message, Chip shares the missing link to most failing marriages and why it’s central to enjoying the marriage you’ve always hoped for. If you have a good marriage, what Chip shares will help you build on that success and deepen the love you’re already experiencing.

  • Planning – How to Strengthen Your Hope

Let’s face it – marriage is a lot of hard work! Sometimes the daily grind, responsibilities, challenges, finances, and conflicting values, conspire to make you want to give up. Where do you find hope to keep going and stay faithful to you commitment? In this message, Chip brings a simple, very doable plan to help you find hope. This is a practical, how-to explanation of how to have a marriage that works – for both of you! Don’t miss it!

  • Connecting – How to Multiply Your Joy

The honeymoon’s over, the glow is gone, and married life can seem pretty harsh after a while.  Is there a way to connect with your mate in a way that rekindles the flame? Is there a way to change the way you communicate that helps you actually look forward to talking and spending time together? Join Chip as he shares a communication technique that helped save his marriage and has kept it strong ever since.

  • Forgiving – How to Restore Your Peace

When love isn’t enough to hold a marriage together, what is? In this message, Chip shares what we all know about ourselves but are often unwilling to face or admit.  The truth he brings has the power to shore up an unstable relationship, mend damaged souls that think there’s no hope, and bring life back to a marriage that’s been dead for years. If you think you’re too far gone, Chip’s going to tell you you’re not. There really is a way to find the joy and peace you’re longing for in your marriage.

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SKU: A934044-00 Categories: , Product Format: CD Series

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