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Thank you for partnering with Living on the Edge to intercede for our God-sized prayer requests:


1. The American Church:  That God would use us to be a catalyst to launch a movement of believers to move from “in” to “all in.”  

2. New Believers:  That God would use us directly or indirectly to bring 100,000 new believers into the Kingdom. 

3. Teaching God’s Word:  That God would expand our digital platforms to double the size of our audience and lead us to the new voices He chooses to add to the ministry.

4. Global Pastors:  That God would bring us strategic partners on every continent to train a new generation of 250,000 church leaders how to lead healthy and growing churches. 

5. Financial Resources:  That God would provide $100 million in resources over the next four years to fund these God-sized initiatives. 

6. Reaching the Next Generation:  That God would enable us to be a catalyst to engage and equip parents, pastors, and ministries to teach children to apply God’s Word. 

7. China:  That God would open doors and supply funds to distribute 10 million discipleship books. 

8. Living on the Edge Team:  That God would bring us the godly, humble, and gifted people we need at the right time to fulfill His highest purposes for our ministry.

9. The Real You:  That God would use this resource to awaken 1 million Christians to use their God-given giftedness to expand God’s Kingdom.

10. Primemovers:  That God would 10x the number of Primemovers who live out His calling for exponential Kingdom impact in their spheres of influence.

Prayer Resources

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“How to Experience God in Prayer” Online Course

Prayer is God’s invitation for us to connect with Him. Why is it then that so many of us struggle with our prayer lives?

In this free, 5-part video series, Pastor Chip Ingram will help you remove the roadblocks that currently stunt your prayer life, unlock God’s power and peace in your life through prayer, and learn a biblical pattern for prayer. You don’t want to miss this free resource!

Find Out More

Free Download “The Power of Prayer”

Rarely do we understand so much about a subject and practice it so little. This series on prayer can transform your life. Learn not only precepts about prayer, but how to pray in an effective, powerful manner that will elicit supernatural results.


How Can Living on the Edge Pray for You?

The book of James says, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Our team gathers every day to lift up requests and we would love to pray for you! Do you have something we can join you in praying for or a praise that we can celebrate with you? Please contact us. We are glad to join you in petition or thanksgiving!