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See what you and God can cook up for your family!

Living on the Edge’s new Mealtime Conversations discussion guides will lead to great dialogue and fun activities around a Big Idea under four main topics, like “Conquering Fear” or “Knowing God.” You’ll explore these topics through games, discussions, stories of other Christians, videos, and God’s Word. Get together, get talking, and get going!

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Explore the goodness and sovereignty of God. Your family will learn that God is generous, kind, and caring. He wants what is best for you, and you can trust Him even when you are afraid or face difficulties in your life.


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Explore the faithfulness of God. Your family will learn that God ALWAYS keeps His promises. You can trust God and His Word, even when you don’t understand how everything will work out.


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Explore the love of God and what it means to love our neighbors. Your family will learn that God’s love for you is perfect and that He loves you unconditionally—no strings attached. You will be encouraged to live out the truth of God’s love and share it with others.


Mealtime Conversations Topic 4-Knowing God 600x422 jpg

You and your family will explore seven characteristics of God. He longs for you to see Him as He really is. As your family seeks to know God more, you will learn that He is good, sovereign, holy, wise, just, loving, and faithful.


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FREE Six-Session Online Video Course for Parents and Grandparents

The role of a parent doesn’t end when your children turn 18. But it does have to change! But how do we stay relevant as a parent when our adult child isn’t acting like an adult? Chip Ingram & parenting expert, Jim Burns, tackle this question and many more in the FREE online course: Navigating Life with Adult Children. Through concrete principles, practical advice and Biblical perspectives you’ll learn how to navigate one of your most challenging and rewarding jobs: being a parent of grown kids!

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