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Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading my I Choose Peace book. I am excited to provide these supplemental resources to help you share its hope-filled message of the gift and the choice we have to harness the power of the Holy Spirit within us – the very same power source that raised Jesus from His grave – in order to experience lasting supernatural peace.

Let me encourage you to use any combination of these resources when you teach the message to help your community members to apply this truth to their daily lives.

My heart’s desire is to help you communicate God’s word in a way that helps anchor Christians far deeper than the chaotic circumstances of this world and live high above them.


chip ingram signature blue image

Chip Ingram
CEO and Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge

P.S. Click here to access Message Notes for all of my other teachings. 

I Choose Peace

I Choose Peace In Relational Conflict
MP3 | Message Notes

I Choose Peace In Anxious Moments
MP3 | Message Notes

I Choose Peace In a Broken World
MP3 | Message Notes

I Choose Peace In Difficult Circumstances
MP3 | Message Notes

I Choose Peace In Financial Uncertainty
MP3 | Message Notes

I Choose Peace In Tests of Faith
MP3 | Message Notes

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