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The Revelation

Living Daily With The End In Mind


Chip Ingram cuts through the imagery and the metaphors in the book of Revelation to deliver one of the most compelling and inspiring presentations on this often misunderstood part of Scripture. This series puts life into perspective and brings a clarity, and purpose, to your everyday struggles like never before. If you long to make wise choices, live your life with a steadfast purpose, and experience joy and peace, even in the midst of uncertain and chaotic times, this is a great place to start!

This is a five disc CD series


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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • What’s the World Coming To?

We’d all like to know details about what the future holds.  Chip opens this series in Revelation with words of great hope.  As he does so well, Chip then makes great application of the passages studied, focusing on God’s promise, provision, presence, and power.

  • Will You be Ready When He Comes Again?

Jesus said He would return to earth again. Is there a way to know when that’s going to happen? Chip gives us an overview of the timeline laid out in scripture of Jesus’ first and second comings.  He then outlines Jesus’ warnings to the seven churches, from Revelation, chapters 2 and 3.

  • Why Your View of Heaven Will Change Your Life on Earth

The view from the valley is a lot different than the view from the mountain top.  In this message, Chip gives us the mountain top view of heaven and explains why that perspective will have a tremendous affect on how we choose to spend our days here on earth.

  • Where is God in this Wicked World?

How could a good God, with unlimited power, allow such injustice, evil, cruelty, and suffering, if He really loves us? This is a very fair question!  The answer is quite possibly one you’ve not ever considered.  Continuing through the book of Revelation, Chip reveals the truth about God’s boundless love and His certain justice.

  • Don’t Give Up – The Best is Yet to Come!

Hope is the key word of this message.  Wrapping up this series, from the last two chapters of Revelation, Chip shares the details of God’s final words to us in scripture.  It is exciting, it is serious and sobering, but most of all, it is overflowing with hope!


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SKU: A930004-00 Categories: , , , Product Format: CD Series

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