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Stop Faking It

Living Without Hypocrisy

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Nobody likes a hypocrite, and nobody wants to be one. But for some reason, living an honest, authentic life is tougher than it sounds. God calls us to walk as “children of light,” but many of us find ourselves living shadowy lives of part-time spirituality, and then wonder why out hearts feel cold and our prayers go unanswered. If you’d like to know how to live a winsome, whole and holy life, join Chip Ingram for this series from Ephesians 5.

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This four part CD series includes the following message titles:

  • Why We All Hate Hypocrisy

Masks can be silly and fun, but not when they allow us to hide from others and authentic relationships.  It can be very frightening to allow others to see behind our masks, but Chip encourages us that in Christ we have the power and freedom to step from behind the mask, revealing what His love has done in and through us.

  • How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Heart

OK, here’s a question: What’s the difference between the baptism and the filling of the Holy Spirit? Chip lays out very clearly the differences, why they’re important to understand, and how one of the key issues is not getting more of the Holy Spirit but Him getting more of you!

  • How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Public Life

Did you know just like there can be a study of human anatomy, we can study the anatomy of hypocrisy? Chip illustrates five key elements of hypocrisy and then explains God’s antidote for this insidious condition that destroys our testimony and our joy.

  • How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Private Life

Worship is our opportunity to connect with God.  We honor Him; we praise Him; we thank Him; we stand before Him in silence.  Chip shows us how worship is key to defeating the hypocrisy that creeps in and steals the joy of our salvation.

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SKU: A933603-00 Categories: , Product Format: CD Series