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Priceless Christmas

Giving Your Children Gifts That Money Can't Buy


This Christmas, how do you give your children what money can’t buy? We all desire to give gifts of significant value, but what does that really look like? What “Priceless” gifts can we give? In this series, Chip unpacks 5 key areas that tend to make or break our children and gives solid biblical insight and practical steps for managing those 5 important life skills. As a parent, or grandparent, you want to give your child every advantage in life. A “Priceless” Christmas gives you the tools to help your child develop godly character and important life-skills. Your life, their lives, and the lives of generations to come will never be the same.

This is a five disc CD series

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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

• Teach Them to Suffer Well
• Teach Them to Manage Their Money
• Teach Them to Make Wise Choices
• Teach Them Failure is Never Final
• Teach Them to Work “Unto the Lord”
CDs are 42-46 minutes

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2 reviews for Priceless Christmas

  1. Paula Somerville

    I am on the last session and have learned so much! I am a wife, mom, grandmother, and teacher. I am ordering this for my children so that they have this insight as they raise their own children. Parenting is such a hard job and there are not a lot of road maps given. Your series is an excellent way to start especially with the world we now live in.

    Thank you so much and please continue spreading God’s Word as you do!!

  2. Nancy Skjefte

    I have only heard “Suffer Well” but enough to know I wanted to order the CD for my daughter and husband raising their three children.

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SKU: A932095-00 Categories: , Product Format: CD Series

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