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Holy Spirit

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Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He more than “The Force?” For many believers, a relationship with the Holy Spirit rarely factors into our day-to-day lives. The truth is, experiencing His power and presence unlocks spiritual living to an entirely new level. This series will help you understand how the indwelling of the Holy Spirit deepens intimacy with God. In the process, you’ll experience empowered living that reveals and activates your unique spiritual gifts in ways you never imagined possible.

This is a four disc CD series

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:
• The Holy Spirit: He’s More than “The Force”
• How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
• Are You in Step with the Holy Spirit?
• How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift
CDs are 35-50 minutes

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SKU: A931830-00 Categories: , , , Product Format: CD Series

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