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Breaking Through Life’s Biggest Barriers


Do you ever feel stuck behind roadblocks in your life? Have you experienced boredom, loneliness, or a sense of futility that keeps you from growing spiritually? In Breaking through Life’s Biggest Barriers, you will learn how to grow in your relationship with Christ, worship and serve with passion, and make an eternal impact in the world around you.


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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • How To Overcome Loneliness and Isolation

There is a place that God created where you can experience authentic love like nowhere else on earth.  It’s a place where loneliness is not welcome, and meaningful relationships abound.  A community where people can be re-connected to family.  Sound like a place you want to go?  Chip reveals where this special place is and how you fit in.

  • How To Overcome Personal Stagnation

Newlyweds, a promotion, a new house, a baby – new things, new experiences are great!  But eventually the shine wears off and life falls into the same routine.  We get bored, tired, and unmotivated.  Would you like to know how to keep the joy and the wonder in your work and relationships?  In this message, Chip explains how you can break out of personal stagnation.

  • How To Overcome Inferiority and Low Self-Image

Do you like who you are? When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? When you think about you, do you like yourself or do you struggle with feelings of inferiority?  Join Chip as he shares how you can rise above those feelings of inferiority and a low self-esteem to experience God’s love for you like never before.

  • How To Overcome Feelings of Futility

Do you ever wonder if you’re making a difference, if your life is having a positive, lasting impact on those around you?  Are you frustrated, feeling that nothing you’re doing matters?  God’s plan for you is significant! In this message, Chip encourages you that there is a way to overcome futility and tap into God’s best for you life.

  • How To Overcome Boredom and the Blues

With hundreds of cable and satellite channels to choose from, and the 24/7 internet information overload, why is it so easy to feel bored? Chip shares the reason for our boredom, and delivers the God-designed solution for overcoming it!

CDs are 37-40 minutes

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SKU: A930481-00 Categories: , Product Format: CD Series

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