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Join The 10-Day Challenge That Will Help You Face Life's Adversity Head On

  • Gain confidence in hearing God's voice
  • Be able to survive hardships using God's blueprint
  • Make a positive impact in the world, even when it feels chaotic and divisive
  • Develop a habit of devotion and prayer
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Your Faith Should See You Through Hardships

When life is hard, it can be difficult to trust that everything will turn out okay. In James 1, God reminds us that by trusting Him with all our heart, we can endure any adversity we might face while still being a positive force of love in this world.

At the end of our 10 days together, you’ll understand God’s blueprint for thriving… even in chaos.

Every day during the 10-day Challenge, Chip will share a 10-minute or less teaching video, which will be followed by 10 minutes of your own personal study. This is more than a devotional. It’s a daily habit that will impact your daily life, strengthen your confidence in Jesus, and deepen your faith.

Join Thousands of Difference Makers

Hear how God has worked in the lives of those who have taken the steps of moving beyond daily devotions into Daily Discipleship.

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