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I wish I had an invisible GoPro camera
attached to the top of my head so that you could
see and hear what I’ve seen and heard the past few months!

First, despite all you’ve heard and read about China recently, God is working in fabulous and supernatural ways! In fact, I can sum up the situation this way: “What some meant for evil, God is using for good” —just like Genesis 50:20. I’ll give you a full report on my recent trip in next month’s Coffee Break.

Second, as I hide in the corner of this coffee shop, my mind is drifting and darting from one “God-moment” to another as I set aside the day to remember, reflect, and give thanks for the great things He has done.

Scene #1

In a Midwestern city, a man and a woman wait in line to speak to me after an event. As he starts, his voice breaks and his eyes water. He says he has been listening daily to Living on the Edge on one of Bott Radio’s 120 stations since 2006. He shares how God found him through the program, and says we have been his lifeline through a painful past. Then he smiles and pulls the woman close. “I am a pastor now and this is my wife.” The three of us embrace and my heart leaps as I consider God’s amazing love expressed over 13 years—Saved. Transformed. Married. Now equipping others.

Scene #2

I’m eating in Dallas in a large room of round tables with over 1,000 military veterans who were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some wounds are visible: the cane, the wheelchair, the prosthetic limb. Others are invisible. Many participants find it hard to focus or even feel anything after their brain injury or acute PTSD. Support dogs are everywhere.

As Theresa and I partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to teach and counsel for the weekend, here are some of the things we heard:

“Thank you so much for the marriage book and truth cards. It’s a challenge every day. And to think that you all care is so encouraging.” – God worked through us and YOU!

“Your message spoke to me. Since my brain injury I can’t concentrate more than a few minutes. Yet as you spoke I was able to follow the whole time and it really helped me.” God intervened!

“I was ready to end it all two years ago and my wife introduced me to Living on the Edge. We listen every day together on 106.8 FM – The Light, the Billy Graham station, or on the app. I’m alive because of Living on the Edge and now we are sharing our journey with other vets and giving them hope and help.” God saved a life and a marriage!

Scene #3

“Chip, this series is super important. It’s a fresh and powerful resource for the next generation, and all the messages are excellent. Except for the one on the Bible—can you do it again?” I had taught six different messages in two days, my back was acting up, my mind was jumbled, and I had been experiencing intense spiritual warfare since 3am. I shut off the light in the green room and lay in the darkness on the floor for 20 minutes, praying. “Oh God Your Word and Your Spirit are powerful. Please restore me and speak through me.” About 40 minutes later the last of the filming was done and our Why I Believe small group Bible study material for the next generation will be ready this fall!

Scene #4

I have just spoken at a prestigious evangelical college on “How God Sees Us, “describing our new position in Christ. She is an honor student at the college, a serious follower, who loves Jesus. Yet when I asked everyone to close their eyes and honestly think of how they saw themselves, all that came to her mind was negative and critical. “I’m a loser, a nobody. I’m unimportant.” We talked and prayed. The next day I taught two messages on “How to Become a Romans 12 Christian” and “How to Renew Your Mind.” I told all 1,000 students that Living on the Edge would give them the Romans 12 small group videos and study guide if they would commit to doing all of it. She was at the front of the line. 60 small groups were launched after that event.

Yes, there are crises, scandals, disasters, and despair all over the world. But our God is at work! I have a hundred other stories I can’t share or don’t have room for. But I want you to know that lives, marriages, young people, churches, countries and even whole regions of the world are being positively and miraculously impacted by you and me and the Living on the Edge team!

Our boast is in the cross and in Jesus’s power in and through us as we partner together.

Sometimes we need to just stop, remember, reflect, and give thanks for all God is doing. Let me encourage you to do that in your own life this week.

“Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” – 1 John 4:4NASB

We indeed are more than conquerors through him the Lord Jesus Christ!

So grateful for your continued partnership,

Chip Ingram
CEO and Teaching Pastor
Living on the Edge