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Ministry Update

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Top Three Requests

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  • That God would move powerfully to raise up His people and partners for the next 25 years of Living on the Edge ministry.

  • That the Match would exceed our expectations to meet the financial goals and needs of the ministry, and equip us to fund daily broadcasts, new resources for families, technology to reach the next generation, and new opportunities around the world.

  • That God would keep the door open in China and expand our opportunities for ministry in the Middle East and other parts of the world like India and South America.

Top Three Praises

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  • For the faithfulness and generosity of the close partners that stepped forward to build this incredible Match opportunity and all that will mean for ministry in 2020!

  • For the open doors in China and the privilege to serve our brothers and sisters there through sharing 1,000,000 copies of The Real God and the invitation to continue with True Spirituality.

  • For the Lord’s crystal clear direction, unity, and alignment for the ministry in 2020.


Bonus Message

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"Remembering God's Great Faithfulness in the PAST Compels Us to Trust Him for Still Greater Things in the FUTURE!"

God stirred my heart afresh last month as I taught an all-day seminar on Holy Ambition in Singapore. I was reminded of how deeply God values “Radical Steps of Faith” on our part as He sovereignly fulfills His purposes in and through our lives. I found myself reflecting on the impact of that message in my life and this ministry.

25 years ago, I was fearful and anxious when the Lord birthed Living on the Edge. It was new, I was pastoring a large, growing church, we had children at home, and we had no staff or money or experience. It was a huge step of faith.

If you would have asked me if this was possible 25 years ago, I would have “laughed in unbelief” like Sarah. But I have learned that we serve the God of the impossible and He is now calling me and Living on the Edge to take the next huge step of faith!


See how your partnership has helped transform lives

    It’s not of physical food, but “undernourished” Christians who are not spiritually fed personally or corporately. Bible engagement is declining, church attendance is declining, doctrinal and moral compromise is increasing, and the results are devastating! The erosion within the church is pervasive and we must respond! The prophet’s words ring true: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
    The family is “under siege” by the culture, peer pressure, technology, and media. Teen suicide, isolation, depression and anxiety are skyrocketing in Christian homes. Gender and sexual confusion have undermined God’s design and we are losing 70% of our own young people from the church 5 years after high school. Parents, grandparents, and pastors tell me everywhere I go, “We need help and answers and we need them now!”
    Contrary to popular belief, there are young people who are passionate to follow Jesus, who take God’s Word seriously and want to make a difference. I’ve met them in colleges, church plants, and online. In like manner, there is a latent army of “under-utilized” committed, godly believers in churches all across America. Tens of thousands who want to be used by God, but don’t know where or how. We can and must activate them to discover their spiritual gifts and find meaningful places to serve.
    Despite the chaos and violence you read about, God is moving in China like never before. The reports of China’s rapidly growing churches and our “unexplained opportunity” in the middle of this are well- documented. Please pray as I return to China later this month. “The fastest-growing church in the world is in Iran.” There is a revival in Yemen, and we will meet with their leaders to launch needed discipleship groups in November. In addition, I will be speaking to 15,000 Next Gens in Egypt and training 400 staff for the CEO of all the Protestant churches in Egypt to launch Romans 12 groups throughout the country. The need is astronomical and we have the resources translated, partners in place, and opportunity to help shape the future. Now God is opening doors in India and Latin America…it’s a new day for Living On The Edge internationally.

These 4 strategic needs ALIGN with Living on the Edge’s Resources, Partnerships, and Platform that God has created in the last 25 years. God has prepared us for this very moment. His past faithfulness and these present challenges demand that we step out like never before!

My request is simple and direct. I need your help to double the incredible Match opportunity that a handful of close partners have provided. Thanks to these generous friends, every gift given from 11/25/19 to 12/31/19 will be doubled dollar-for-dollar! Every gift will be invested in this mission to equip Christians to live in a way—even in today’s challenging environment—that lifts up Christ as the hope and the answer to a hurting world.

Will you pray and ask God what He would have you do to join us this year end? Theresa and I are leaning in at a new level as we’ve counted the cost of time, travel, family, and our financial resources. Our staff and board are praying and doing their part as well. But we need you to take a bold step of faith with us.

Thank you for your love, support, and commitment to our Lord and His command to “make disciples of all nations.”

Thank you in advance for all God leads you to do!

Chip Ingram
CEO & Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge

P.S. – The Match runs from 11/25/19 through 12/31/19, every gift will be doubled dollar-for-dollar in this window. Thank you for helping us meet this opportunity — it means a world of difference — literally!