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2022 Mid-Year Vision Report

A Movement to Fuel

Our world is getting darker and colder by the minute. Wrong is peddled as right. Faith-based values and the traditional family are under attack. While the world grapples with the emotional, relational, and financial fallout of a worldwide pandemic and a grisly war, people are desperate for safety, comfort, and hope.

Amid the darkness, we're seeing a fresh fire smoldering among God's people! God continues to open countless doors for Living on the Edge to bring His hope to the world.

In His sovereignty, God is igniting a supernatural movement: awakening His people from their slumber, drawing countless unbelievers to Himself, and bringing fresh vitality to weary pastors and church leaders.

Thanks to faithful ministry partners like you, God is using Living on the Edge to help fuel a life-changing, world-changing blaze. I believe there are three "logs" God is calling us to throw on the fire during this next season, and we invite you to join us in this exciting work.

Fueling this movement TOGETHER.

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Your gift enables us to disciple believers in the US and around the world.

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The Fruit ofTransformed Lives

  • Paul Testimony


    "I’m grateful for the strength God gave me to endure two bouts of cancer. God made me stronger through these tough experiences. ‘Consider it joy’ now makes sense to me. I understand that with God’s help, I can control my attitude."

  • Jomari Testimony


    "I just love listening to your teachings every morning on my way to work. Thank you for shining God’s light so bright!"

  • Leslie Testimony


    "Doing Daily Discipleship really helped me cultivate a relationship with God: to know Him better and to love Him more. I’m seeing the Word differently."

  • Sam Testimony

    Pastor Sam,

    "I know God sent you to me. Your teachings were simple, but I was cut into pieces. I was a desperate man when I came to Nairobi, but I returned home strong."

  • Ellie Testimony


    "I grew up listening to Chip’s podcasts with my dad, which has led me now in my twenties to grow in my walk with the Lord. I listened to the series about heaven, and I can honestly say it has changed my life dramatically!"

  • Bridget Testimony


    "The A.R.T. of Survival teaching helped me realize that God allows trials. No trial is a surprise to Him, and He promises to never leave us or forsake us. Knowing there is a purpose to the suffering helps me endure."

The First Log

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The Greatest Need: Discipleship

Teaching people to go deep in their relationship with God is core to the DNA of Living on the Edge. Daily Discipleship allowed us to mentor believers who felt isolated, stressed, and discouraged throughout the pandemic. Chip taught them to study God’s Word for themselves, hear His voice, and live out their faith.

We see the fire burning as more than 150,000 people have participated to date. While that number is exciting, what is even more important is what is happening in the spiritual lives of those people: They’re experiencing radical transformation. They’re becoming Difference Makers in their community. And we’re just two years in!

Now is the time to throw another log on that fire and add the additional staff and technology to continue to disciple more believers all around the world.

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Your gift enables us to disciple believers in the US and around the world.

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The Second Log

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The Greatest Concern: Reaching the Next Generation

Our children and grandchildren are growing up in a world that is increasingly antagonistic to our Christian values. To raise them in the rock-solid, never-changing truth of God’s Word, we need to be serious and intentional. At Living on the Edge, we are committed to standing with you.

We know that we must learn to speak the language of the next generation, meet them where they are, model life-giving relationships, and leverage technology. We’re stepping out like never before in this area by developing partnerships with talented younger communicators and strategically working to help parents and grandparents model an authentic, dynamic, and winsome faith.

It’s time to throw another log on this fire.

The Third Log

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The Greatest Opportunity: Training Pastors Globally

We must never forget the Great Commission. The scope of our task extends beyond our borders. Our efforts began in China and have expanded to include the Middle East, Egypt, India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Mexico.

The A.R.T. of Survival book and training events are helping to renew the commitment of thousands of pastors all over the world who are struggling with burnout, grief, hopelessness, and persecution. We are developing a new High Impact Church training series to continue to strengthen these church leaders.

As we throw this log on the fire, we’ll need to multiply our capacity by ten times in the next two years to walk through the doors God is opening.


There is a fresh fire burning among God’s people, and God has provided a unique window of opportunity to join Him in this work. Will you help fuel this movement?

Will you pray seriously, and then give generously as God Leads You?