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2021 Ministry Report

2021 has brought immense challenges

  • Challenge Testimony


    "I have given up hope. Please pray for the salvation of my children."

  • Challenge Testimony


    "I’ve found myself in some really dark places, and it’s taken me a long time to get out. It’s hard to try again."

  • Challenge Testimony


    "I need to get my relationship with Jesus in order. I want to please Him in all I do, and unfortunately right now I do not."

  • Challenge Testimony


    "Finding a church or any ‘safe place’ is extremely difficult. Being vulnerable is a challenge."

  • Challenge Testimony


    "I never go to church or talk with anyone about my faith. I’m not even trying."

  • Challenge Testimony


    "I wonder if I am truly a Christian."

Chip Studying

We are called to be a Voice of Hope

Our Response Will Change Lives

Believers across the globe are in crisis. In the midst of unraveling culture, radical shifts in morality, and the decline of biblical institutions, how we respond will forever change lives. In all of this, here’s what I want you to know: Living on the Edge is taking steps of faith like we’ve never taken before! We are committed to doubling three essential areas of ministry over the next two years. Why? Because we believe God is calling us to be a voice of HOPE to the world.

Now is the time to take bold steps of faith, as it is in the darkest times that God’s light shines the brightest! When believers are immersed in God’s Word, they become the Difference Makers so desperately needed in our world today.

Will you join us?

Chip Signature

Vision 2022-23

Twice as Many People Hearing God's Truth Every Day

Expanding Our Digital Platforms
to Reach the Next Generation

The only truth that overpowers fear is the realization that we serve a good God who is sovereign and powerful. Finding hope is an essential turning point, helping millions navigate a season of confusion and darkness.

We are committed to bringing HOPE by doubling the reach of our teaching ministry to 2 million per week over the next 24 months.

  • Doubling our audience requires additional operational and financial infrastructure.
  • As we reach the next generation of believers, we’re committed to establishing a team of younger voices around Chip.

Twice as Many Believers in Daily Discipleship

Helping Believers Hear God's
Voice through Scripture

Living on the Edge has provided one-to-one mentoring through Daily Discipleship. We know that applying God’s Word is what equips believers to be the Difference Makers needed in today’s world!

We are committed to bringing HELP to thousands by doubling the reach of our Daily Discipleship to 250,000+ people in the next 24 months.

  • Four new series are already in development and scheduled for release during 2022-23.
  • Through Daily Discipleship, we are building a connected community of believers who can support one other.

Twice as Many Pastors Trained Worldwide

More Global Ministry Partners,
Training, and Resources

An intense battle is being waged against pastors as they respond to burnout, grief, hopelessness, and persecution. God has opened doors for us to encourage and equip pastors around the world in this time of need.

We’re committed to expanding our ministry to train 75,000 pastors internationally over the next two years.

  • New High Impact Church Training launches in 2022 to support these essential global leaders.
  • Our international efforts will expand to include China, the Middle East, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Central America.

Together We Are Taking Bold Steps of Faith



"God has used this teaching to tear down barriers in my life and help me become more God-focused."



"In a world where many do not take the Bible at face value, I’m grateful for teaching that validates the truth of God’s Word."



"This teaching is valuable and life-changing, like a guide to surviving in today’s world. You really are helping this Christian live like a Christian."

Will You Partner with Us?

Doubling our ministry over the next 24 months is only possible if people like you partner with us. Your financial gifts help us equip Christians to become Difference Makers with HOPE and HELP for people around the world.

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