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2020 Ministry Report

From Chip Ingram

Friends and Partners,

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year like no other.

The pandemic and its aftershocks created enormous needs all around the world. With the help of partners like you, Living on the Edge stepped out to disciple believers in new ways all around the world.

Now is not the time to retreat, withdraw, or lose hope. We believe God is calling us to step out in faith, even in the midst of uncertainty.

I invite you to scroll through our ministry report to learn more about how—with your help—we at Living on the Edge are deepening our impact and extending God’s reach through the doors that He is opening.

Thank you for your partnership,

Chip Signature
Chip Ingram

CEO & Teaching Pastor
Living on the Edge

Touching Lives in 2020

  • “I joined Chip in his mentorship program in the spring, and it reignited my journey with the Lord. It helped me muster the strength to hear what God has been trying to tell me for many years: ‘If you would only see yourself as I see you.’” —Donna, North Carolina

  • “I am sixty-nine years old and was raised in a Christian home, but over the years, the world’s influence crept in. It is never too late to make changes, and Chip has challenged me to live like a Christian and honor God. Thanks so much.” —Elizabeth, Ohio

  • “Wow! The Chip Ingram app has seriously been life changing. The Daily Discipleship videos have helped me get back into reading my Bible. The sermons are so practical for daily living.” —Robert, Tennessee


Broadcasting Hope in the Midst of Confusion

When the virus gripped the world, we quickly adapted our broadcast to help people face fear with faith.


This Year:

  • Our program was listened to 44.2 million times.
  • The broadcast is now heard on 1,021 stations worldwide.
  • Our podcast audience doubled this year.
Chip records the broadcast in the San Jose studio.

Chip records the broadcast in the San Jose studio.

In 2021:

God is calling us to reach more people with biblical teaching of His Word. By developing new features for our app and expanding our social media presence, we are committed to delivering God’s truth to a growing audience worldwide.

Discipling Individuals During a Pandemic

When believers were isolated at home, we quickly innovated to meet an urgent need for one-to-one spiritual mentoring. Chip taught people how to study God’s Word for themselves.

Daily discipleship

This Year:

  • Chip unpacked God’s truth from Philippians 1–2 and Ephesians 1–3.
  • We delivered 35 Daily Discipleship videos with downloadable study guides.
  • Over 48,000 people were mentored by Chip.
We converted Chip’s office to a video studio.

We converted Chip’s office to a video studio.

In 2021:

God is calling us to continue delivering Daily Discipleship videos and study guides based on Ephesians 4 (Yes, You Really Can Change!) and Philippians 4 (I Choose Peace).

Supporting Families in Unpredictable Times

When families found themselves isolated during the shutdown, the need was great for parents to disciple their children. We developed resources to help them do that.

Mealtime conversations

This Year:

  • Mealtime Conversations, a resource for helping families get into God’s Word together, was downloaded more than 73,000 times.
  • Over 12,000 people joined Chip and Dr. Jim Burns for a new online course: Navigating Life with Adult Children.
Chip and Jim.
Family in Kitchen

In 2021:

God is calling us to develop a new online course with Dr. Jim Burns: Navigating Gender and Sexuality with Your Children to bring the light of God’s truth to this controversial issue.

Strengthening Believers Through Biblical Resources

In a year when we all faced dramatic change and fear of the unknown, we developed new card sets to empower Christians to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. (Romans 12:2)

Invisible War

This Year:

  • Precious in His Sight Affirmation Cards strengthened women’s identity in Christ with daily reminders of how God sees them.
  • The Invisible War Scripture Cards armed believers with Biblical truth to face spiritual battles.
Precious in His Sight
Invisible War Cards

In 2021:

God is calling us to develop two more card sets based on the book of John and the book of Philippians to empower believers to renew their minds with the truth of God’s Word.

Training Leaders Around the World

As COVID-19 shut down in-person ministry leadership conferences worldwide, God miraculously opened doors for Chip to train leaders in India, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East through webinars.

True Spirituality Books

“I hope believers will grow in their walks with God and that all preachers will use True Spirituality not only as a preaching series but also to advance their own faith.” —Zhen Xialun, preacher, Anhui Province, China

This Year:

  • In January, 100,000 copies of True Spirituality (Romans 12) with training were given to Chinese pastors in Wuhan, China (where COVID-19 was first reported).
  • In July, 200 Chinese pastors from 18 cities received 200,000 copies of True Spirituality (Romans 12) with training.
  • In September, a new monthly webinar with Chip reached more than 4,000 pastors and leaders worldwide.
Chip teaches pastors and leaders in India.

Chip teaches pastors and leaders in India.

In 2021:

God is calling us to expand partnerships with like-minded international ministries, create new international training materials, and develop discipleship resources for evangelistic outreaches worldwide.

Vision for 2021

American Believers lack passion for God

Only 25% of committed believers spend time with God weekly. If we want to change the world, we must first let God work in us. Using all available technology, we want to mentor believers in how to renew their minds in God’s Word.

Families are struggling

The rate of change in today’s culture is placing immense pressure on families. We want to provide believers with practical ways to navigate the toughest issues thrown at them by today’s society.

Church leaders are desperate

Pastors are the most under-appreciated and under-resourced change agents in the world today. All over the world, pastors are asking us to provide them with practical training to reach lost people and grow them into disciples of Jesus Christ.

Will you Partner with Us?

No matter what the world faces in 2021, now is not the time to retreat, withdraw, or lose hope.

Now, more than ever before, we must fearlessly take steps of faith through the doors that God opens in order to make disciples all over the globe.

We believe that God is calling us to expand our ministry impact through broadcast, Biblical discipleship, family resources, and church leadership training. We have an unstoppable passion to help spiritually hungry Christians all over the world become mature followers of Christ.

Is He calling you to join us in this effort? Theresa and I are thankful for your love and support. Together we can continue to help Christians live like Christians!

Chip and Theresa Thank you from Chip and Theresa