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2021 Ministry Report

Friends and Partners,

As we continue to climb out of a grueling season, one thing is certain: we’ll never be the same again! God has shaken us like no other time we can remember. As people all around us grapple in their own ways with fear, isolation, and heartache, God is opening doors for us to continue to share the truth of His Word—and the bright hope we have for tomorrow!

God, in His sovereignty, is using this season to awaken many believers from their slumber and draw countless unbelievers to Himself.

Thanks to our faithful financial partners, God is using Living on the Edge to bring His hope and healing all over the world. I invite you to celebrate what God has already done and join with us to maximize the opportunities that lie ahead in 2021.

Thank you for your partnership,

Chip Signature
Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram

CEO & Teaching Pastor
Living on the Edge

Daily Discipleship

Daily Discipleship with Chip

A few days into the shutdown last year, God led us to provide daily mentoring and teaching— virtually. Tens of thousands signed up, and the growth continues! Over 100,000 people have watched Chip online as he taught them how to study the Bible for themselves through Discovering Your True Self (Ephesians 1-3) and Yes! You Really Can Change (Ephesians 4).

Daily Discipleship

As God Provides...

This fall, we will release the next season of Daily Discipleship. Chip will walk through Romans chapter 12, challenging us as believers to move from “in” to “all in” in our walk with Christ.

What we are hearing...

  • “It will crack your heart open in the best way possible! I can’t begin to explain the blessings that came out of this—I’m seeing them in my marriage, my relationships, and even my thinking.” —Carrie, Minnesota

  • “I was able to learn how to see myself the way God sees me and how to replace those self-defeating thoughts with what God says about me: I am valuable; I am free; I am needed in God’s kingdom.” -Jennifer, Texas

  • “I learned that I don’t accept myself—that in my mind I’m not good enough. I’m beginning to see myself as God sees me, and that’s been a huge step forward for me.” -Tom, Florida


A Look at the Numbers

16 Languages
Graph of books provided to China
100,000+ viewers of Daily Discipleship
1 Million Listners per week
Gifts Increasing Each Year
371,121 App Downloads
12 Languages planned for translation in 2021
Chip teaching around the world



By mid-year 2021, we will have placed 200,000 True Spirituality (Romans 12) books with a goal of 500,000 by year end. That will bring our total to 1.8 million books with training!


Since we were unable to convene live training conferences and events over the past 12 months, we produced training webinars instead. In that time, 13 webinars, produced in 16 languages, reached 8,000 pastors representing 60 countries in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

As God Provides...

By the end of this year, we’re planning to translate The Real God and True Spirituality into 12 languages and produce a High Impact Church training seminar for pastors around the world.

True Spirituality and The Real God translated

“In these unprecedented times, the webinar series Making Disciples in a Disrupted World is guiding us to hold fast to our faith and serve as true leaders who are beacons of hope.”- Rashmi, Odisha, India



The Living on the Edge broadcast on radio, podcast, and mobile app continues to deliver the message of hope from God’s Word. During the past year alone, people have listened to our program 44.2 million times on 1,021 stations around the world.

16 Languages

As God Provides...

We seek to double our listening audience to 2 million people each week. In addition we will be introducing trusted younger voices to address today’s top cultural and moral challenges.

We will be expanding our presence on social media and adding new user-friendly features to our app, which enables listeners all across the globe to access Chip’s biblical teaching.

“I’m so thankful I learned about your broadcast ministry! 2020 was a spiritual eye-opener. While some have been living in dread and fear, I’ve never felt more peace or more alive in Christ! Thanks for helping me live like a Christian.” - Linda, California



To help believers get a clear understanding of their personal calling, we’ll soon be offering The Real You.

This robust assessment tool is designed to inspire, empower, and guide Christians to discover the unique talents, gifts, and passions God has given them.

The ultimate goal is to motivate, mobilize, and activate believers to be difference makers in their churches and communities.

The Real You on an iPad

“Thank you for making it possible for me to take a spiritual inventory of my life. It was a wake-up call for me personally to get involved again in people’s lives and my local church.”- Dave, Michigan