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From Chip Ingram

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, our team immediately sensed that God was calling us to lean in, not lean back. We quickly innovated, and, by God’s grace, have seen greater impact over the last several months than at any other time in our history.

Thanks to our financial partners we were ready for the moment. Our next chapter is just as important. I invite you to celebrate what God has done already this year, and to join with us as we continue to help Christians live like Christians in these days of great opportunity.

Chip Records in a temporary studio in his office

Relevant Teaching

Only God can provide true peace. We shifted our entire radio broadcast schedule to help people overcome anxiety and focus on their true source of hope.

Hebrews 4:12

“For the word of God is living...and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

  • Biblical

    Culturally relevant & application-oriented

  • 1 Million+ People Reached Weekly

    Helping people grow closer to Christ each day

  • Media Platforms

    App now has over 7 million media plays and 120,000 podcast listeners


Daily Discipleship

Ten days after the pandemic was declared, Living on the Edge quickly launched Daily Discipleship with Chip. Available online, on Facebook, and the Chip Ingram App, Chip mentored over 30,000 people one-on-one for 15 days, showing people how to meet with God and hear His voice.

Seasons 1 & 2

In Season 1 Chip coached people through Philippians 1 and 2, helping them to get closer to God studying the Word and journaling. In Season 2 Chip mentored people on how to grow deeper in difficult circumstances, with practical tips on how to resolve conflict from James 1.

“I’ve never had anyone actually walk me through what it looks like to have a quiet time ... I feel like Chip is right across the table from me.”

“Daily Discipleship with Chip taught me to slow down and to really allow God to speak and to hear His voice and it’s okay to just stay on just 1 or 2 verses.”

Family Resources

Mealtime Conversations

Far too many families miss out on spending time together, and when they do, too often digital devices are a distraction. We provided an antidote with Mealtime Conversations. Over 70,000 people downloaded this resource to begin faith conversations with their children at home.


Navigating Life
with Adult Children

The role of parent doesn’t end when a son or daughter reaches 18. But it does have to change! Your adult child is launching on a new journey — and you should be too.

In this new online video course Chip Ingram and parenting expert Jim Burns provide concrete principles, practical advice, and biblical perspective to navigate one of your most challenging and rewarding jobs: being a parent of grown kids.

Small Groups

The Invisible War

We started the year by offering each person in our audience a free small-group study, enhanced with streaming video. Thousands of people began to learn together a balanced approach to spiritual warfare. In God’s timing, we provided this just before the pandemic hit the nation.


Discover Your True Self

People have been telling you who you are your whole life...but God longs for you to see yourself as He sees you: wanted, valuable, and secure. This fall we introduce Discover Your True Self, a series of resources designed to help you overcome the pain in your past and discover God’s purpose for your life.

Training Leaders


Over 1.1 million copies of the discipleship books The Real God and True Spirituality have now been distributed, along with training for pastors. The biggest miracle: 114,000 books delivered into Wuhan, China.

Middle East

Broadcasting on television 9 times per week across the entire Arab-speaking world, our small-group resources are now being used by leaders in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE and Yemen.

We want to see Christians living like Christians every day, in every way, everywhere, for the glory of God and the good of all mankind.

The future may be uncertain but our commitment to God and you won’t change ...

  • Because there is a Famine in the Land, we want to provide as many believers as possible with solid, biblical teaching and help them develop an authentic relationship with God.
  • Because there is a Generation to Rescue, we want to provide as many families as possible with resources to help them grow deeper together, so that children own their faith when they leave home.
  • Because there is an Army to Mobilize, we want to help as many believers as possible discover their unique calling so they can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
  • Because there is a Movement to Fuel, we want to train as many spiritually hungry and untrained pastors as possible in underserved countries around the world.
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