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Ministry through Teaching

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword... a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

In times of Difficulty

“I didn’t want anything to do with anybody.”

When I retired from 12 years in the Marine Corp as a combat-wounded Veteran, I isolated myself. I pulled myself away from my wife. By listening to Chip Ingram on the radio, through his guidance, we followed God’s Word. We were able to unite again and basically build a foundation for our future, which is in God, number one, and our personal selves second. We are united as one couple, and we will continue to be, because that’s what God wants us to be.


Impact at a glance

angle-right Biblical Teaching

Culturally relevant & application-oriented

angle-right 1 Million People Reached Weekly

Helping people grow closer to Christ each day

angle-right Media Platforms

Shared via radio, TV, app, podcast, YouTube & Facebook

Ministry through Resources

In times of Need

“My husband pretended to be a Christian for almost thirty years...”

... and pulled it off for most undiscerning Christians. At home he hated God! Then he hit bottom and looked up. Now, he has been completely transformed! I am amazed everyday. I lived a very hard twenty years for this day but I am telling you to witness such a dramatic transformation is a gift. There are no words to describe it. So I am praising God with you. Chip really helped change the course of my marriage. He speaks the truth and speaks the Word of God that is timeless and unchanging in an ever-changing society. Chip truly helped save my marriage.

Impact at a glance

angle-right In-depth Studies

Equipping Christians to go deeper in God’s Word and personal devotion

angle-right Focused Tools

Inductive Bible studies, books, truth cards, sharable resources

angle-right In Community Together

About 4 million people have been a part of a small group

The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever. Isaiah 40:8

Ministry in China

Indeed, if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding... then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.Proverbs 2:3,5

In times of Opportunity

“Our minority communities asked for books... .”

they are extremely poor and due to their limited understanding and finances had NEVER received any systematic Bible teaching. They would often fall into cultic activity. Not because they had evil intentions but because of lack of training. This is changing.

Because of The Real God book, they are affirming who God is and as important who He is not. Many who had fallen into heresy and were doubting the Bible have begun to come back to the church and renew their faith.”

Elder Lui

Impact at a glance

angle-right The Real God Resources

1 million copies distributed by fall of 2019

angle-right Influenced 10 Major Cities

Over 2,000 pastors trained to teach other pastors

angle-right True Spirituality (R12) Resources

Started the approval process for 2020

Ministry in the Middle East

In times of Isolation

“I had many questions about my identity and my purpose in life...”

... prior to reading True Spirituality (R12) and studying the book with my small group. As an Arab Christian who was born and raised in the Middle East, my view of God was distorted by the majority Muslim culture around me. My relationship to God and my view of Him completely changed. Now I want to help others respond to the pressures and challenges of the world around them, to grow in a community of believers, and to reach out to those who are perishing.

Impact at a glance

angle-right Television Region-wide

Broadcast 9x a week across the entire Arab-speaking world

angle-right 15,000 Young People

Launching an R12 discipleship movement in Egypt this November

angle-right Discipleship Resources

The Real God & True Spirituality (R12) translated into Arabic with training

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.Romans 12:2

In Times of Increased Challenges

United States


The Challenge: As cultural hostility and moral erosion in the church increases, parents and grandparents need to be strengthened through practical, relevant, Biblical teaching.

OUR RESPONSE: Teaching available “just in time” through every possible avenue, including: radio, television, app, podcast, YouTube, Facebook and online.


THE CHALLENGE: Most Christians, particularly the next generation, lack confidence in their own faith and are unable to articulate the basics of the faith when challenged by culture.

OUR RESPONSE: Why I Believe resources provides a new apologetic for the next generation. Given the urgency of this problem, we are providing this series for free to college and high school students who commit to lead a 6 week small group.



THE CHALLENGE: The door for ministry in China is rapidly closing and persecution of believers is increasing.

OUR RESPONSE: While working legally in the country, we provide training, on-going support and resources to pastors. We distribute The Real God, parenting curriculum and are developing True Spirituality (R12) resources.

Middle East

THE CHALLENGE: The needs of Muslim-raised new believers and the growing young Christian population in Egypt demands new discipleship resources, training and evangelism.

OUR RESPONSE: Partnership with all Protestant denominations in Egypt to lead two discipleship events attracting upwards of 15,000 young leaders. Distribute True Spirituality (R12) and The Real God to new believers, and broadcasting 9x a week on television.